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The present tendency as regards food is to replace the concept of ‘eating’ with the concept of ‘nourishing’ and this explains consumers’ concern about their health and welfare.
This means that the products that make up our diet need to be not only tasty but also nutritious and, above all, they need to be adequate for people that suffer from diabetes, hypertension and other diseases; or simply, they need to be appropriate for people that just want to follow a healthy diet.
This is our primary aim and thus we work to consolidate our position as being one of the main companies that manufactures healthy wholemeal foods in the country. Our next challenge is to become internationally known in a near future.



Stevia is a non- caloric natural sweetener which is ideal for people with diabetes because it has the capacity to control glucose and insulin levels in our blood. Stevia has a diuretic and vasodilator effect since it regulates blood pressure.

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Lasagna of crêpes (serves 4)

First make some béchamel sauce by melting 50g butter together with 1 tablespoon of flour, stir until it absorbs the butter then add 750cc of hot milk and stir thoroughly to loosen up the thick flour mixture. Cook for 2 or 3 minutes and season with salt, pepper and nutmeg powder. Remove the mixture from the heat and reserve it.

Spread some tomato sauce over a baking dish (see tomato sauce recipe on previous pages) and place three TAHONA crêpes in such a way so that they cover the bottom of the baking dish. Add 200g of threaded raw mushrooms seasoned with salt and pepper over the crêpes and then spread the béchamel sauce all over the mushrooms. Put another layer of crêpes and add 300g ricotta previously seasoned to taste then spread some tomato sauce over the ricotta.  Add another layer of crêpes and cover it with 5 or 6 artichoke hearts already cooked, chopped and seasoned to taste then spread some béchamel sauce over them. Cover this last layer with three more crêpes and spread béchamel sauce and tomato sauce over them, sprinkle some grated cheese and cook in the oven for 15 or 20 minutes on medium heat. 

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New Madalenas!

Try our new mouth-watering madalenas!

They are delicious!
Rich in fiber with no added sugar, O% trans fat, with Omega 3 and 6. 

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